Imagine: you spend your evening preparing a healthy, delicious meal for your family. When dinnertime rolls around, you place plates of steamed broccoli in front of your children and they turn up their noses in disgust.

Its a common scene at dinner tables across America. But, according to a recent study, it doesnt have to be this way.

Stephanie Anzman-Frasca, PhD, who works as an assistant professor at the University at Buffalo, recently published research with some of her colleagues which found that when you give children the option to eat healthy, they might jump at the chance.

The research focused on the restaurant Silver Diner, which altered its kids menu to promote healthier options. Unhealthy staples like french fries were still available, but werent offered by default.

After more than two years of offering this amended menu, research found that three-quarters of childrens meal orders including healthy side dishes and healthy beverages.

You can read more about the studyhere. The takeaway is simple, though: children arent hardwired to hate healthy food. If you give them the option to eat healthy and encourage it over time, you might surprised at how positive the results will be.

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**Notice of Data Breach.** *Please click [here]( for more information*