When you lace up your skates or shoes to play hockey, football, or any other number of sports, you often also suit up with shin guards, gloves, and beyond. One of the most important things that you need to protect, though, is your teeth. In this piece, well explain a few different things to use to best protect you from tooth/mouth injuries while playing sports.

Mouth Guards

This is probably the first thing people think of when considering what to use to protect their teeth and mouth while playing sports. From sports with sticks and balls to impact sports or both, mouth guards protect your teeth against breaking, chipping, or cracking if your head or mouth is impacted.

Most people use the kind of mouth guards that you can buy at a store, boil, and bite to fit your mouth. However, you can also get custom, more expensive mouth guards from your dentist.

Those with braces or dental restoration work should ask their dentist if they should also get a mouth guard for their bottom row of teeth for additional protection.


When most people think of helmets, head protection comes to mind; however, helmets can also keep your teeth and mouth safe should impact occur. Sports in which helmets are typically worn include ice hockey, lacrosse, and football, and it should be noted that different helmets are appropriate for different sports.

Overall Tooth Care

Its something we talk about a lot, but ensuring that you are always taking care of your teeth is important to keep them protected while playing sports. Brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist regularly will help keep your teeth strong and less likely to be injured during sports.

Want to know more about protecting your teeth while playing sports? Make sure to talk to your Winning Smiles dentist!

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**Notice of Data Breach.** *Please click [here](https://winningsmilespd.com/notice-of-data-breach/) for more information*