Back to school can sometimes get a little rough especially when packing lunches. When youre trying to pack a lunch for a child with braces, it gets a little tougher. What foods can someone with braces eat? What foods should they avoid? Here is what the professionals at Winning Smiles suggest:

Softer foods are going to be your best option for children with braces. These foods are gentle on the braces and wires, generally easier to brush off after their lunch, as well as they are relatively easy to eat (plus tasty and nutritious!). Be sure to give your children bite size pieces too!

Here are some foods to pack! (Keep in mind anything that is softer!)

  1. Bread – sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly (or soy-nut butter for those with allergies)
  2. Pasta – macaroni and cheese, noodles and butter
  3. Yogurt – greek yogurt (try even cutting up an apple to use a dipper) and add peanut butter
  4. Fruit – Bananas, strawberries, grapes
  5. Crackers – cheese and crackers, Goldfish crackers

Be sure to stay away from any foods that can get stuck in or damage your childs braces. Generally, those foods fall into one of four categories: sticky, hard, chewy and crunchy.

Here are some foods to stay away from! (Sticky, hard, chewy, and crunchy)

Sticky – Caramels, Starbursts, and Tootsie Rolls

Hard – Hard candy, apples (unless cut into bite size pieces), popcorn

Chewy – Pizza crust, bagels, toast

Crunchy – Granola bars, chips, and hard taco shells

Tips on how your children can take care of their braces when theyre at school.

  1. Keep a toothbrush in their locker, their lunch bags, or backpacks
  2. Keep floss picks handy! (Easy to keep in a lunch bag and able to toss after use)
  3. Break foods into smaller pieces if needed
  4. If your child is involved in any sports in school or out of school they should wear a mouthguard for extra protection – our office is able to create custom mouthguards for your children to help them keep their Winning Smile after their orthodontic treatment!

If there is ever a doubt ask your Orthodontist!

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