One of peoples least favorite topics to discuss is wisdom teeth removal. But, unfortunately, it is something that most people will have to go through during their lifetime to maintain a healthy, pain-free mouth. In this post, well discuss why wisdom tooth removal is necessary for the vast majority of people and the rarer circumstances under which wisdom teeth removal isnt needed.

Size of Your Mouth

Most people do not have room in their mouths for wisdom teeth. Its as simple as that. As humans have evolved, so has the size of our mouths. Now, an additional four wisdom teeth just dont usually fit in with the 28 that we already have in our mouths. This often causes wisdom teeth to become either partially or fully impacted, which can cause teeth to shift, infection, and/or pain.


Wisdom teeth that cannot come in can cause a great deal of pain, especially when people put off getting their wisdom teeth taken out. When wisdom teeth are impacted for too long, the pressure that they put on other teeth reaches a certain point that it begins to cause immense pain. Also, if a tooth/area around a tooth becomes infected, it can be quite painful.

Moving Other Teeth, Decay, and Infection

Sometimes as a result of the points above or issues by themselves, wisdom teeth can cause other teeth to move, can begin to decay, and/or cause an infection.

As your mouth begins to make room for wisdom teeth, it can cause your teeth to move around. For many, this can impact the straight teeth created by several years of braces or naturally straight teeth, neither of which many people want to change!

Infection and decay can occur when wisdom teeth are impacted. Even if this doesnt cause any initial pain, mouth infections are very dangerous and something that should not be taken lightly.

Removal Not Needed

There are rare cases in which people are born without wisdom teeth, so they dont need to worry about any of the above complications. And, sometimes, dentists will conclude that wisdom teeth dont need to be pulled as they dont show risk factors, but in this case, they usually continue to monitor the teeth in case any red flags do show up.

If youre wondering about your own wisdom tooth removal or when you should begin considering removal for your children, talk to your Winning Smiles Dentist!

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