Within a few days of our son, Theo, being born, we could tell that he was uncomfortable most of the time. Those blissful, sleepy newborn days? Yeah, those didn't happen. Almost immediately after every feeding, he would cry. It was a very distressed and somewhat painful cry. After a few days, he also became hoarse. I took him to the doctor and he was quickly diagnosed with reflux. I explained to the doctor that he has never spit up. She explained that there is something called "silent reflux" where there is no vomiting or spitting up at all. I though, "aha! This must be it!" I was wary about putting my 1 month old on medicine, but I figured this would be the answer. Flash forward a few days - he was back to his same self, crying all the time and uncomfortable all the time. Many people told me that I simply had a colicky baby and he'd grow out of it. My mama instincts said otherwise.

Soon after, Theo started having frequent bowel movements (15x a day or more!) and they were all lime green. I researched what this could mean, and this is caused from foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. He was eating too much foremilk (high in lactose, a sugar present in milk), and not enough hind milk (high in lactase, an enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose). When this happens, this caused major stomach upset, especially in infants! After figuring this out, I started wondering why this is happening. (After all, I'm not a breastfeeding expert - just a new mom trying to do the best I can). This is what ultimately led me to discovering his lip tie. When babies are unable to latch/eat correctly, there are many, many problems that can arise; gas, reflux and stomach pain were our main concerns.

Once I learned about tongue ties and lip ties, I pulled up my son's top lip and right away I could tell that he had a lip tie. I was so frustrated that this went unnoticed. No one checked for it at the hospital or at his doctors appointments. I looked online to see if there were any pediatric dentists near us who were able to correct infant lip/tongue ties with a laser. (I read on line that this is the best, quickest, and most painless way.) This is what brought me to Winning Smiles and Dr. Mike!

I called first thing the next day (as new parents know - the sooner you can make your baby happy, the better!) and I couldn't believe that they would squeeze me in that same day.I remember the receptionist said, "we prioritize our infants! we know how hard it is for Mom when your baby is upset!" and that truly meant so much to me.

When we got there, we were greeted with lots of Smiles (no pun intended!) and fantastic, fast service. Our nurse and Dr. Mike were so wonderful. He definitely has a knack for working with kids and putting parents at east, that's for sure. He assessed Theo in the office and diagnosed him with a grade 2.5 lip tie (grade scaled 1-4). He suggested that he correct the lip tie that day with a laser. I was nervous, but he assured me that it would be over in a few minutes. The procedure was over before I knew it, and by the time I held Theo again, he wasn't crying at all and was very content. You would hardly know anything happened. I nursed him before we left the office and he did great.

Within 1 day of the procedure, Theo's bowel movements were back to normal (crazy, right!?), and his gas had decreased greatly, as he was no longer sucking air every time he ate. Also, one of the best outcomes - we were able to take him off his reflux medicine withing a week after the procedure. When babies are drinking proper milk (thick hind milk), it should be able to stay down in their bellies (rather than this fore milk, milk that comes back up in the esophagus, causing the burning "acid reflux" pain).

All in all, we had the best experience with Dr. Mike and Winning Smiles! I have told everyone about our experience, and I was surprised at the feedback I received from so many parents. This is so common! SO many babies are diagnosed (sometimes unnecessarily) with colic or reflux, when it could be something as simple as a lip tie that is easily corrected.

I can't thank Winning Smiles enough for taking such great care of our little Theo! He's now a thriving, very chunky 4-month-old. Thank you for your wonderful, knowledgeable, and kind customer service! You truly have a gift!

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**Notice of Data Breach.** *Please click [here](https://winningsmilespd.com/notice-of-data-breach/) for more information*