When Isabel was born, we noticed something seemed wrong with how she was feeding. At two weeks she was diagnosed with extreme reflux and colic. In the first 2 1/2 months of her life we saw over a dozen different pediatricians, a specialist, and a lactation consultant. She was on two different medications, three times a day, and the reflux wasn't improving. The pediatricians all told us her frenulum looked normal, and only time would make her reflux better. The lactation consultant swore up and down it was bottle nipple size, type and made us do all the elaborate things to get her to take her bottle better. The ENT specialist at least agreed her frenulum looked a little think, but said it would require surgery, where she wouldn't eat for 12 hours, be put completely under, and would have stitches (and it likely wouldn't resolve much). I stuck to my mommy instincts, that the lip tie was the root of all 12 of her symptoms. Upon a referral from another mom, I went to see Dr. Tiffany. She admitted Isabel's case was unusual, to only have an upper lip tie that presented so many issues but agreed to do the procedure. It was 1 minute, no anesthesia, and she ate right after. It took about a week for us to see improvement, but Isabel now takes 5 ounces a bottle (versus 2), sleeps through the night, cries less, smiled more, and had gained a pound and a half in less tha 2 weeks! That's more than she'd gained in the 6 weeks prior. I wish my path had crossed with Winning Smiles and Dr. Tiffany sooner, it would have saved me daughter so much discomfort and me so many sleepless nights. I wholeheartedly recommend their professionalism and expertise if you are considering the need for a frenectomy for your baby.