I am currently employed at Winning Smiles and I have been educated on laser frenectomies. When my son was born in June of 2018, after he was fed his symptoms included: reflux, gassiness, made a sucking sound while he was feeding, and my son was unable to latch properly. My son was also unable to gain weight. My instinct was to check my son for a lip or tongue tie. We found out he had both! I immediately called the office and they got us in the next day! Even though I knew he needed the laser frenectomy I was still scared! My baby was only 2 weeks old! How frightening! I knew how all the other moms felt when their children had the inability to latch and had symptoms that indicated a lip or tongue tie. Dr. Mike and the Linwood office staff guided myself and Vinny's father through the process and made us feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. It took 2 minutes and he came out not even crying!!! He immediately ate right after and in 1 week had gained 3 pounds!! It was such a relief that Winning Smiles could correct the lip and tongue tie to help my son not suffer and I am forever grateful!