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Dont wait until offices reopen to address your dental needs!

From emergency care to routine dental needs, or even to give you that perfect smile, we can help you with it all through our virtual consult. Simply follow the steps below to communicate directly with our team!

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I decided to go through with Invisalign because my bite was off, it was causing chipping and wearing. It was making me self-conscious. When I spoke with Dr. MacDonald he advised me that it could be corrected. This made me so happy and I was very excited to start my treatment. We made a personalized treatment plan. Treatment took 34 weeks. After starting treatment, I realized that Invisalign was the best option for me and what's not better to have something correcting my bite that's INVISABLE!! You can't see Invisalign, you can speak easily and no restrictions for eating and drinking.

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**Notice of Data Breach.** *Please click [here]( for more information*