I am officially two weeks into my Invisalign journey. Tomorrow, I am due to switch to my second set of aligners!

So far, my experience with Invisalign has been a very positive one! The cons of Invisalign treatment have been few, but there have indeed been some trying times. The first couple of days that I had the aligners, the tip of my tongue felt sore, as it was getting used to it butting up to the edge of the aligner. Dr. Spinella did say she could easily trim down and smooth the edge of the tray if it bothered me, but I found that by the end of the second day, the edge of the aligner no longer irritated my tongue. As of today, I no longer notice them in my mouth throughout the day, and can easily pop them in and out to enjoy a meal or snack.

Just yesterday, a friend commented that my teeth looked very white, failing to even notice that I was wearing Invisalign! While I myself hadnt noticed a difference in the shade of my teeth, it made sense that my smile looked whiter and brighter— since starting Invisalign, Ive been brushing my teeth with whitening toothpaste five or six times per day, as opposed to the usual two or three. What a nice added perk!

So far, the tally of folks that noticed Im wearing Invisalign has risen to TWO. Let me explain! On Saturday, I had an appointment to have my eyebrows shaped. The esthetician, who was quite close to my face during my 15 minute appointment exclaimed Wait! Oh my gosh! Are you wearing Invisalign!?

I was a bit embarrassed at first, and asked, Is it really that noticeable? The esthetician explained that she had been researching Invisalign herself for several months and was very eager to get started with the treatment. She had only noticed them in my mouth because she had spent hours looking at hundreds of photos of Invisalign patients online and had Invisalign on the mind for a few weeks. I chuckled at her overzealous reaction, and was happy to share my experience with Invisalign, encouraging her to make an appointment at Winning Smiles to get started and see how Invisalign could help her smile, too.

Ill be sure to update next week after I begin my second set of trays!

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**Notice of Data Breach.** *Please click [here](https://winningsmilespd.com/notice-of-data-breach/) for more information*