Some kids (and lets face it, even adults) struggle to find motivation to brush their teeth. However, establishing this healthy habit at a young age can have a long-lasting positive effect on a childs overall health.

When brushing becomes a regular and enjoyable part of kids daily routine, it sets them up for a healthier life. Studies continue to link good dental hygiene to a lower risk of disease, so the earlier that kids understand the importance of brushing, the better.

While brushing may not seem like an exciting activity for kids, with a little creativity, even the grown-ups will look forward to their morning and evening brush. Here are three ways to get kids excited about brushing their teeth:

1. Brush your teeth to music
According to the American Dental Association, you should aim to brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day. Let your child choose a song thats about that long to brush their teeth to. Once the song is over, theyll know theyve brushed for as long as they needed.

2. Pick out a new toothbrush
When it comes to toothbrushes, using a brightly colored or patterned one can feel a lot more fun. Many brands even offer toothbrushes in the shape of popular movie and TV characters. Take your kid shopping and let them pick out their favorite toothbrush. Theyll feel more connected to the activity and excited about showing off a toothbrush that matters to them.

3. Make brushing a family activity
If kids dont see the adults brushing their teeth, then they have no reason to want to do it themselves. Its important to lead by example, and brushing your teeth with your kids everyday will hold both them and you accountable for maintaining good habits. Brushing can become a fun way to spend time together as a family!

The key to helping kids get excited about brushing their teeth is to turn it into a fun activity. Through positive reinforcement and an open mind, your children will begin to see teeth brushing as something to look forward to.

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**Notice of Data Breach.** *Please click [here]( for more information*