Last year, for our Halloween Candy Buy-Back, wecollected over 5,000 pounds of candy, which we donated to North Carolina Packs4Patriots. We hope to beat that goal this year -click here to be a part of it.

But just how much candy is 5,000 pounds? Let’s take a look.

For a basic unit of measurement, we’ll use a Fun Size Twix Bar. They weigh about one ounce apiece.

For comparison, the average American male weighs about 190 pounds, or about 3,040 ounces.

6fb mantobars - How Much Candy is 5,000 Pounds?

That means it would take about 26 grown men to match the 5,000 pounds (79,040 ounces) of candy we collected last year.

4p5 many%20men%20to%20bars - How Much Candy is 5,000 Pounds?

What else weighs about 5,000 pounds? A full grown adult giraffe:

jqh giraffe - How Much Candy is 5,000 Pounds?

About 1 and 1/3 of your average car:

35a cars - How Much Candy is 5,000 Pounds?

We’re still catching up with the king of the dinosaurs, Mr. Tyrannousaurus Rex, though. He’s estimated to about 14,000 pounds – about three times what we collected.

eu0 trex - How Much Candy is 5,000 Pounds?

We’ll get there one day. And you can help: come to our Halloween Candy Buy-Back!Click here for more info.