Many of our patients may have already experienced theDentalVibe, which is a dental tool we have been here at Winning Smiles. The DentalVibe is a unique dental tool that can help alleviate dental fear and anxiety for patients. Using the DentalVibe allows us to give patients that have these dental fears or anxiety dental treatment to stay healthy.

This dental tool gives a gentle vibration to the site of the dental injection – for Novocain. The vibration overloads the nerve that sends pain signals to the brain so that patients don’t register the pain or discomfort from the injection. Even the sound of the vibration creates an added distraction and the vibration also helps disperse the anesthesia once its injected so that it can work even faster.

Often patients are unaware that the injection actually happened when the DentalVibe is used. According to many patients, dental fears may not have occurred had the DentalVibe been available to them in their younger years.

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