Almost all of us have been there we have a pain somewhere in our body that we try to ignore and tell ourselves that we dont need to see our doctor or dentist. However, when you have a constant or reoccurring tooth pain, its important that you see your dentist to get to the root of the problem.

Increase in Sensitivity

Its not unusual to experience the occasional tooth sensitivity. However, if this is constant and/or lasts after consuming hot or cold food, you should see your dentist. Lasting sensitivity can indicate damage to the pulp of your tooth.


While a toothache, unless unbearably painful, is not usually an emergency situation, it is something that you should see your dentist about as soon as you can. Often, its as simple as a cavity that needs to be treated that you want to get it looked at before it gets more severe.

Pain While Chewing

If you experience tooth pain every time you eat, there is definitely something going on that your dentist should check out dont ignore it! Several causes of this pain could be a cracked or broken tooth, a loose or missing filling, or tooth decay.

Pain After Eating

If you experience tooth pain after eating, you should keep an eye on its severity and make arrangements to see your dentist. Sometimes, this pain indicates an infection, something that can become quite serious if too much bacteria accumulates.

Pain or Pressure in Upper Jaw or Sinus Area

There are several causes of this kind of pain, usually either from grinding or clenching your teeth, or some sort of infection or inflammation. Your dentist will be able to determine the cause of this pain and the right course of action.


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