Labor Day is right around the corner, which means the kids are heading back to school, and summer fun will soon come to an end. While youre double-checking the school supply list, dont forget to make sure they have everything they need for a healthy smile to last them through many seasons to come! We offer some tips for a successful return to school for their smiles.

Mouthguards Get the right gear to protect that smile
Fall sports are starting, and according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, sports injuries may account for up to 39 percent of alldental injuries and emergencies in children! Make sure you protect your childs teeth and any braces or orthodontic appliances with acustom fitted mouthguard.

Stock up on healthy snacks for school & sports trips
School and sports trips and practices are back in full swing. Sometimes, this means the kids are gone from early morning into the evening. To make sure your child or teen is maintaining good oral hygiene throughout their busy day, we recommend providing healthy meals, snacks and beverages, and make it as easy as possible for them to brush on the go.
Sports drinks often contain sugars and acids that can erode enamel and cause decay. When possible, we recommend packing a water bottle instead of sports drinks, or follow a sports drink with a good swish of water to rinse out the mouth.
Healthy snacking options that are also good for teeth include nuts and raw fruits and vegetables with peanut butter, and avoiding sugary or high-carb snacks. Food and drinks with calcium such as milk and yogurt are also a great item, as long as they are followed with a swish of water or brushing. Many snack and food items packaged as low fat often contain more sugar and carbs that can damage teeth and often wont keep the appetite of a growing child at bay for very long. Packing snacks and meals that are nutrient-dense will help keep your child full and alert, and prevent the desire to splurge.

Get back into a healthy brushing & flossing routine
Back to school often means back to a steadier routine, which is a great thing when it comes to oral health. The best way to help your child and the whole family to develop and maintain a great oral health routine is to make it a whole-family priority. For families with younger kids, its sometimes helpful to brush as a family. This creates a routine that can be fun, while parents model good brushing habits for kids.
Brushing and flossing apps are available for tablets and smartphones. These apps can help teach proper brushing technique, time brushing to make sure kids use the full 2 minutes, and even provide motivation and music.

Brace yourself Is it time for an orthodontic check-up?
According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should have their first orthodontic checkup by age 7. An orthodontic consultation can help spot any potential issues with the bite and jaw alignment, and determine if any treatment can be provided to help encourage proper alignment early on, before the issues become more severe and may require orthodontic treatment interventions such as braces.
Older children and teens can also benefit from an orthodontic consultation if their teeth have moved or shifted as their adult teeth have grown in, or if their wisdom teeth are starting to erupt.

Cleaning its not just for Spring
Regular dental checkup and cleaning visits every six months remain critical throughout childhood and adolescence. During these visits, your childs dentist will review his or her oral hygiene habits, and make recommendations to them and to you, if needed, on home-care routines to help avoid dental caries and emergencies. For some children, an exam and documentation from a dentist may be a requirement for enrollment in school.
Schedules are busy and time is tight, but going to dental checkups as a family is another great opportunity to promote the importance of good dental health. A regular dental checkup report is just as important as an academic report card, giving parents an opportunity to celebrate and reward accomplishments, and create learning opportunities to reinforce healthy habits and behaviors.


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