As summer comes to an end and the school year right around the corner, there are a few statistics to keep in mind when it comes to your child’s dental health before sending them off to class.

Keeping up with routine dental checkups for your child is extremely important to help prevent painful dental conditions that may arise and will help keep those grades up! One way to ensure that your child has the best dental hygiene possible is to lead by example. By eating sugar in moderation and brushing and flossing daily, this will help influence your child in a positive way to help them have a Winning Smile.

At Winning Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, our team offers a variety of services to maintain your childs smile. Our team puts a strong focus onPreventative Dentistryand encourages healthy oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily, maintaining a healthy diet, and scheduling routine dental exams to establish healthy habits early on. Additionally, sealants may be recommended to prevent the formation of tooth decay.Sealantsare a protective coating that seals the grooves of the chewing surface of the tooth as a way to prevent cavities. One other way to ensure your child has a Winning Smile for years to come is through ourTerrific Toddler Program. The Terrific Toddler Program is a comfortable exam for toddlers where our team cleans and examines the teeth and gums to gauge future development. This is an important factor, as this establishes comfort in the dental atmosphere at an early age, paving the way to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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