We recently wrote about how often you should beflossing your teeth, but we have yet to go into exactly how to floss properly. In this blog post, we will go through the entire process step-by-step as well as provide tips on how to be more effective when flossing.

How To:

  1. Floss Every Day It is important that you floss every day. This ensures that the debris and plaque between your teeth that your toothbrush doesnt reach gets removed and does not cause issues like cavities or gum disease.
  2. Set-Up Its important that you know how much floss to use and how to position it for maximum effectiveness. The length should be around 18 inches and you should wind it around either your two pointer fingers or two middle fingers leaving a few inches between them to floss with.
  3. Technique When flossing, making sure that there isnt slack in the floss as you slide it up and down between your teeth. If your teeth are tight together, wiggle the floss back and forth until it glides in. To ensure that you get into the nooks and crannies between your teeth and your teeth and gums, use your fingers to gently pull the floss to wrap around the edges of your teeth and then slide just below the visible gum line.



  1. Do Not Force Do not force the floss into your gums as this can harm to the delicate gum tissue.
  2. Clean Floss- As you go from tooth to tooth, make sure that you are also winding the floss in the direction of one finger so that youre always using clean floss.
  3. Method Its important that you have a method when it comes to flossing so you can ensure all of your teeth are flossed. A good way to start is at the back of one side of your mouth, top or bottom, and go all the way around to the other side. Then move to either the top or bottom, whichever you didnt just floss, and go back in the other direction.


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**Notice of Data Breach.** *Please click [here](https://winningsmilespd.com/notice-of-data-breach/) for more information*