Winning Smiles is thrilled to welcomeDr. Nikki Changto ouradult dentistry team! Learn more about Dr. Chang by reading her responses with Winning Smiles 10 Questions!

  1. Winning Smiles: One of our favorite characteristics that you possess is your quirky sense of humor. How do you feel your personality affects your relationship with your patients?
    Dr. Chang: My quirkiness, and my admittance of it, eases the patient during treatment. They see that Im just one of them, trying to make the best out of the dental visit.
  2. Winning Smiles: What attracted you to Winning Smiles most and made you want to be part of ourAdult Dentistry Team?
    Dr. Chang: Well, the handsome doctors of course. Kidding, kidding! I met Dr. Foley and Dr. Burke during my interview, and I was immediately attracted to their care and passion for this profession. Rarely do you come across dentists who are continuously working on changing/improving their practice to better treat their patients. Therefore, I have the most utmost respect and admiration for them. Additionally, one thing Ive always done is arrive early at an interview and take the opportunity to observe the staff. The interaction between staff is a telltale sign on whether its a good place to work and everyone was happily at work at Winning Smiles.
  3. Winning Smiles: When you are not treating patients at Winning Smiles, what do you like to do for fun?
    Dr. Chang: Currently, I have a 7 month old baby girl and any time spent with her is fun. But what I love to do is experiment with my cooking my neighbors act as guinea pigs and test out my projects!
  4. Winning Smiles: After growing up in NYC and attending dental school and residency in Brooklyn, you returned toBuffalo, where you completed your undergrad education. What made you want to come back?
    Dr. Chang: My husband. We are high school sweethearts and he stayed inBuffalowhen we came here for college. He proposed when I graduated dental school and therefore, Im back inBuffalo.
  5. Winning Smiles: If you could eat any single menu item every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Dr. Chang: Sushi
  6. Winning Smiles: When you were a little girl, what was your dream occupation? Did you always know you wanted to be a dentist, or was there an event or experience that led you to your career as a dentist?
    Dr. Chang: My dream occupation was to be an architect, and ironically thats what my husband is. Being a dentist is a lucky accident. My mom always wanted me to be a dentist, therefore it is the last thing I wanted to be. But in my junior year of college, my mom suggested that I pursue optometry. So I went to dental school instead! One month in and I thank my mom for always being there for me.
  7. Winning Smiles: What is your favorite charity or non-profit organization and why?
    Dr. Chang:Doctors Without Borders. The members here are true to the vows they take when receiving their professional degrees. They selflessly volunteer their time and physically offer help to those who are in need.
  8. Winning Smiles: If you could have coffee with three famous people, past or present, who would they be?
    Dr. Chang: Anthony Bourdain, Seth MacFarlane, Stephen Colbert
  9. Winning Smiles: What words of wisdom would you share with someone who is anxious or nervous about undergoing dental treatment to steer their oral health back on track?
    Dr. Chang: I always tell my patients to remember theyre the one in charge. When in treatment, they can ask me to stop by raising their hand. Its never easy going to the dentist. Patients take the initiative and first step to come in and therefore, if youre willing to give me a chance, Ill reciprocate with a good experience.
  10. Winning Smiles: List 5 items that you could not survive without.
    Dr. Chang: coffee, organizer/planner, watch, Sonicare toothbrush, running shoes
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